99 Reasons Mexico Rocks

If you’ve never been to Mexico, then you’re seriously missing out! With such a diverse landscape, world-famous cuisine and a fascinating culture, it’s no surprise why Mexico consistently tops the list of the world’s best travel destinations!

Oh, did we mention the amazing food?

Mexico simply rocks, and we’re on a mission to show you why. Just check out this huge list of 99 reasons why Mexico rocks:

    1. Spanish is sexy!

Let’s face it; even when we manage to string together a basic sentence in Spanish, we feel like we just won a gold medal at the Olympics…in sexiness!


  • Flying over Mexico City at night.


The endless, twinkling lights are truly mesmerizing, as the plane makes its descent over one of the world’s biggest cities! There’s no feeling of awe quite like flying over Mexico City.


  • Tacos!


A staple of the Mexican cuisine, tacos come in a range of delicious varieties and we can’t get enough of them. From posh restaurants to the street food stalls, tacos cross social and economic boundaries in Mexico, and they’re usually around $0.10 cents each!


  • Perfect weather


The majority of Mexico experiences year-round sunshine with blue skies and a gentle breeze; what better reason to take a trip to Mexico, than to escape the bitter winter of more northern countries!


  • Amazing turquoise blue water in the Yucatan


Water so blue, clear and beautiful, you almost won’t believe your eyes. The waters around the Yucatan Peninsula, particularly around Cancún, Playa del Carmen and Tulum are some of the most spectacular you will ever see. Ranging from turquoise blue to deep emerald green, Mexico definitely leads the way in picture-perfect beaches.


  • Amazing warm water in the Pacific


On the west coast of Mexico, the water is warm and wild, perfect for surfing, kite surfing and a ranpge of other water sports. There’s nothing more relaxing than bathing in a warm ocean.


  • Sayulita


Sayulita, on the west coast of Mexico, is one of the most chilled-out surf towns in the country. The small, bohemian town is the perfect place to unwind, with streets of sand, boutique restaurants and awesome waves.


  • San Miguel de Allende


Walking through the narrow, cobblestone streets of the beautiful San Miguel de Allende feels like walking through a colorful painting, or the set of an old Western movie.


  • Pico de Gallo


Because at every restaurant table in Mexico, you’ll find a little dish of ‘pico de gallo’ to accompany your nachos, tacos and main dish. Made from chopped tomato, onion and chilies, this fresh sauce surely packs a punch.


  • Día de los Muertos


Translated to ‘Day of the Dead’, this national holiday brings out some of the coolest and oldest traditions in Mexico, where people visit the graves of deceased family members, offering gifts and food. Skulls and skeletons are important symbols during the holiday and people often dress up and paint their faces.


  • Día de la Independencia


One of the biggest parties of the year, September 16th is Mexican Independence Day and the country sure knows how to celebrate in style. ¡Viva México!


  • Mexican slang


‘Chido’, ‘fresas’, ‘qué padre’, ‘wey/guey’; Mexican slang is hilarious, often vulgar and extremely addictive once you start using it!


  • Chiapas


The beauty of the Chiapas countryside is striking. From mountains covered in lush rainforest to unbelievable multi-colored waterfalls, Chiapas is a must-visit area of Mexico, especially for its natural beauty.


  • Underwater museum


Any place that has an underwater museum rocks. Featuring hundreds of life-sized sculptures submerged underwater, visiting the museum is a surreal and captivating activity.


  • Long-distance buses


Air-conditioned with free Wi-Fi and touch screen entertainment on the back of every headrest…the standard of buses in Mexico are in a league of their own!


  • It’s safe!


Yes, Mexico is as safe as any other country. Avoid the border towns, explore the country and enjoy the local hospitality!


  • Getting serenaded by a Mariachi band


Nothing makes you feel as special as having a live, five-person band sing you love-songs in public.


  • Restaurants in La Condesa


Everything you could ever want in cuisine can be found in this hip(ster) neighborhood in Mexico City.


  • Shopping in Polanco


And everything you could ever want to buy can be found in the posh district of Polanco.


  • Cenotes


Underground caverns, often filled with water, can be found all over the Yucatan Peninsula. The Mayan’s believed that cenotes were a portal to the underworld and used to use them for sacrificing people and treasures. Modern-day visitors can enjoy scuba diving in dark caverns or snorkeling in the open water; cenotes are definitely one of the coolest and most unique things about Mexico.


  • Whale Watching


Not only can you witness hundreds of majestic whale sharks off the coast of Mexico from May to October, but you can jump in the water and swim alongside them too!


  • Isla Mujeres


Because any place named ‘Women’s Island’ is bound to be amazing! It just so happens that it’s also incredibly beautiful.


  • Isla Holbox


Not too far from Isla Mujeres, Isla Holbox is quite the opposite, favoring low-key, laid-back living, to highly developed tourist conveniences.


  • Streets named after important dates in Mexican history


“Where are you guys going next?”, “Oh, I’m just going to head over to September 16th 1810”…”What??”


  • Palenque


These ancient Mayan ruins are vast and impressive, discovered deep in the jungles of Chiapas. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to explore and walk through the ancient structures.


  • Chichen Itza


Chichen Itza is perhaps the mother of all Mayan structures. One of the New Seven Wonders of the World, the incredible pyramid reveals a serpent’s head during the autumn and spring equinoxes!


  • Teotihuacán


Another ancient site to take your breath away, Teotihuacán was once the largest city in the pre-Columbian Americas!


  • The Mayas


Because without them, we wouldn’t have had so much to talk about on the 21st of December, 2012.


  • Tlaquepaque in Guadalajara


The home of Mariachi music, great art and fantastic boutique shops, Tlaquepaque is like a mini-city within a city.


  • Swimming with turtles


Swimming with turtles is something you might imagine doing in an eco-park or natural reserve. However, there’s one very special place in Mexico, Akumal, where you can swim side by side with wild turtles…for free!


  • Valentina sauce


A national staple; Valentina is a hot sauce that’s cheap, delicious and you’re guaranteed to miss it a lot when you leave the country!


  • Spicy popcorn


Many Mexicans put chili powder and spicy sauces on their ‘palomitas’. Whether you think it’s weird or wonderful, you’ve got to admire their individuality when it comes to food!


  • Spice on everything


And it’s not just popcorn; Mexicans put hot chilies, spicy sauces and flakes on everything. You can’t even pick up a basic cheese sandwich without finding hot jalapeños in the middle!


  • Mexican beer


The locally brewed beer in Mexico is amazing. With a huge selection to choose from, and ridiculously cheap prices, you’ll wonder why all the focus is on the food!


  • Spice in beer


Are you really surprised?!


  • Michelada


Take one beer; add some lime juice and, of course, optional spices. Serve in a chilled glass with salt around the rim. Now enjoy the classic Mexican drink, Michelada.


  • Indigenous Towns


The indigenous towns of Mexico are some of the most beautiful and fascinating places in the country; where life goes on in a traditional sense, including religious rituals, clothing and customs.


  • Tulum


A gorgeous turquoise colored ocean, overlooked by ancient Mayan ruins? We’ll take that.


  • Cancún


Cancún is synonymous with partying, spring break and beautiful beaches. If you’re an all-inclusive type vacationer, you’ll love it. If not, head to Playa del Carmen.


  • Playa del Carmen


This relaxed and laid-back town in the Riviera Maya is popular with young tourists and backpackers. Playa del Carmen has all of the conveniences of a well-developed tourist town, but with less of the crowds and high-end hotels found in Cancún.


  • Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta is pretty much the Cancún of the east of Mexico.


  • Handmade crafts


Handmade crafts can be found all over Mexico. Everything from handmade clothes and bags, to beautiful, intricate ornaments and paintings can be purchased.


  • Valladolid


A beautiful city, with a very traditional Mexican layout. Valladolid is the perfect way to experience a more traditional side of Mexico, while in the touristic Riviera Maya.


  • Howler Monkeys


Listening to monkeys scream like jaguars, as you sleep in the jungle, is perhaps the most exciting/terrifying thing you’ll ever do in Mexico.


  • Frida Kahlo


Probably more famous for her uni-brow than her fantastic self-portraits, Frida Kahlo is a legendary Mexican artist and a national treasure.


  • Tequila


Need we say anymore about tequila?! You can’t have a list about Mexico and not mention tequila!


  • Agave plant


Because without agave, we wouldn’t have tequila! Go agave!


  • Big Mexican hats


Yes, they’re called ‘sombreros’, which means ‘hat’ in Spanish, so be more specific! ‘Sombrero charro’ is the official name for the famous Mexican, wide-brimmed hats.


  • Maiz


Specifically from a small tub, laden with mayonnaise and salt. Yummy!


  • Cabo San Lucas


Because you don’t get more picture perfect than Cabo San Lucas and its giant ‘Golden Arch’.


  • Surfing in Puerto Escondido


One of the best spots in the country for surfing, expect lots of backpackers, Mexican hippies and expat hippies. “Buena onda, wey!”


  • Danza de los Voladores


An amazing, ancient tradition in Mexico that sees five people ascend a 30-meter pole. Four of the five members subsequently dive from the pole with a rope attached, performing a ‘dance’ in the air, as the fifth member plays a flute and a drum. A spectacle that needs to be seen!


  • Virgin of Guadalupe


Visiting the site of the appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe is a reminder of how strong Catholicism still is in Mexico. Both churches at the site are vastly different, and uniquely beautiful.


  • Oaxaca


An amazing artisan town in the south of the country, Oaxaca is famous for its food, beautiful architecture and amazing, locally produced handcrafts.


  • Mole Poblano


Often referred to as ‘Mexico’s National Dish’, mole poblano is made from over 20 ingredients, including chili peppers and chocolate.


  • Ponchos


Although not native to Mexico, ponchos have become very fashionable in recent years. You can buy very beautiful, handmade ponchos in Mexico for a fraction of the cost that you’d pay outside the country.


  • The Zócalo


The zócalo in Mexico City is one of the largest city squares in the world, and even transforms into a giant ice-rink during the winter. Make sure to get there to see the raising and lowering of the enormous Mexican flag each day.


  • Palacio de Bellas Artes


One of the most beautiful buildings in Mexico City, it is also the cultural hub of the city, and of the country.


  • Guillermo del Toro


The famous Mexican film director that brought us Pan’s Labyrinth, Hell Boy and Pacific Rim. He also happens to be a screenwriter, producer, and novelist.


  • Agua Azul Waterfalls


Literally meaning ‘blue water’, these waterfalls are the most beautiful and impressive waterfalls that you’ve probably never heard of. Blue really understates their color, with the reality being far closer to turquoise green during the dry season in Chiapas.


  • Mexican Cowboys


Because they’re cool and we want to hang out with them.


  • Sugar skulls


Made from sugar, these symbolic skulls, associated with Día de los Muertos, are part of a long tradition in Mexico. Sugar skulls represent the dead and are placed on homemade altars in the home to honor the departed soul.


  • Nachos


The classic, never-ending source of good snacking.


  • Lucha Libre


Translated to ‘free wrestling’, we’re sure you’ve seen or heard of it. You know those guys with the funny masks and outfits that throw each other around the ring? Yeah…it’s pretty amazing!


  • Enchiladas


We love Mexican food, okay?


  • Fish Tacos


Because sometimes, normal tacos just aren’t enough! Head to any coastal city or town for some amazing, fresh fish tacos. Divine!


  • Chili’s


No one does hot chilies like the Mexicans. If you can handle the hot, you’ll be in foodie heaven in Mexico!


  • Fiestas!


There’s always a reason for a fiesta in Mexico!


  • Chocolate


Mexico pretty much invented chocolate. Really. Cacao has been cultivated in Mexico for over 3000 years!


  • Mexico City Metro


The cheapest metro in the world is also very efficient, clean and easy to use. Yay for Mexico!


  • Piñatas


Trying to hit a swaying object, which will burst and produce a treasure of candy on impact…while blindfolded? Yep, sounds pretty awesome to us!


  • Iguanas


Because they’re everywhere in Mexico and they’re huge!


  • El Chavo del Ocho


A national institution; El Chavo del Ocho is Mexican TV gold. Silly humor, funny characters and terrible sets make El Chavo the most loved series on Mexican TV… ever!


  • TV Novelas


Overly dramatized TV with ridiculously good-looking people? Where do we sign up?!


  • Guacamole


No Mexican dish is complete without a huge bowl of freshly made guacamole.


  • Fresh fruit


Mexico has an incredible array of fresh fruit. From guave to guanabana, you’ll probably have never heard of most of them!


  • La Cucaracha


The song that every non-Spanish speaker knows, but few understand. Yes, you’re singing about a cockroach!


  • Guanajuato


Famous for its collection of naturally mummified bodies, Guanajuato features hundreds of mummies from baby to adult. Both creepy and fascinating, but well worth a visit.


  • Las Mañanitas


You’ll hear this classic song at any birthday party you attend in Mexico.


  • Carlos Santana


Another great musician to come from Mexico, he’s also one of the coolest guys in Latin American rock.


  • Puebla


Overlooked by the ominous Popocatepetl Volcano, Puebla is a must-visit town for its spectacular views and traditional colonial architecture.


  • ¡Buen provecho!


The Spanish of ‘bon appetit’, expect to hear this polite expression, whenever you order a meal in Mexico.


  • Mercado’s


Fresh fruits, chilies, beans, nuts and more. You can get any type of healthy food in Mexico’s mercado’s, and they’re also really good value!


  • Angel of Independence


This beautiful and majestic statue in Mexico City commemorates Mexico’s Independence. In the center of the city, it stands tall and proud as the unofficial epicenter of the country.


  • Museums, Museums, Museums!


Mexico City has more than 160 museums in the city; the most museums in any city in the world. On Sundays, you can enter most of them for free.


  • Art and Music!


Mexico City has over 100 art galleries, and 30 concert halls.


  • The best venues


The 10,000-seat National Auditorium in Mexico City was once named as the ‘Best Venue in the World’.


  • Agua de Jamaica


This delicious, cold hibiscus water is all the rage in Mexico and perfect for cooling down on a hot day!


  • Snorkeling


Some of the best snorkeling locations in the world are in Mexico, where you can witness an array of tropical, colorful fish jitter underneath the surface.


  • Dolphins


Go see them in the wild, in the Mexican Caribbean and you’ll never forget it!


  • Laid-back vibe


The general vibe in Mexico is laid-back, easy-going and relaxed; the perfect environment for a stress-free holiday.


  • Cheap and easy to travel


Not only is Mexico an amazing country to travel in, but it’s cheap too! And with an extensive range of tourist development across the country, it’s one of the easiest countries to navigate and travel through.


  • Merida


Lovers of art, architecture and history will love Merida; a rich cultural town on the north of the Yucatan Peninsula.


  • Butterflies and birds


The array of wildlife in Mexico is astonishing; especially the gorgeous butterflies and exotic birds which can be found all over the country.


  • Colca Canyon


One of the great natural landscapes of Mexico, the Colca Canyon is the Grand Canyon of Mexico.


  • Indigenous Clothes


The clothes that indigenous women wear in Mexico are simply beautiful. The colors, vibrancy and craft of each garment is impressive and each region has a distinct style.


  • Random Street Parades


Mexico has so many regular street parades and festivals, that half the time you won’t know the reason behind them. Join in the festivities anyway and enjoy the atmosphere!


  • San Cristobal de las Casas


A beautiful, small city hidden in the valleys of Chiapas, San Cristobal has become a bohemian, expat haven for foreigners looking to start a new life in Mexico. We can’t blame them either; it’s one of the most fascinating and beautiful cities in the country.


  • Mexican People


Because after all, the Mexican people are what makes the country truly wonderful.

Did we leave out any? Post a comment with your reason why Mexico rocks!